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If you need our service, you can send an email to kusuma.widjaja@gmail.com with Subject: PR Referral Bonus

In the email, provide us your complete business details (such as business name, address, zip code) and business phone number plus these 3 things:

What details do you want your press release to discuss?

Explain the news or message you want to get out, and any other pertinent information we should mention

Recommend a theme for your press release

Example: I want it to focus on (X) or (Y)

Provide a link or links for your press release

Link(s) should relate directly to the content (make sure your link is secure or using https:// on it, otherwise it won’t rank on Google)

That’s it, just provide us those things as complete as possible, then we will create the press release for your local business. It might take from 3-4 weeks before we get back to you for distribution approval, Press Release distribution report, keyword rankings, transmission report to content Partners & Media archives and placement distribution details report

You may ask this same monthly service, if you want to continue with this pricing structure:

  • 1 Press Release Creation & Distribution Service per Month = US$500/month
  • 2 Press Release Creation & Distribution Service per Month = US$950/month
  • 3 Press Release Creation & Distribution Service per Month = US$1,400/month
  • 4 Press Release Creation & Distribution Service per Month = US$1,850/month
  • >4 Press Release Creation & Distribution Service per Month = email us