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Stay Focused On The Positive

We all know someone who’s a total workaholic: that one person who seems to achieve twice as much as anyone else on any given day.

No matter what’s on their agenda, they get it done. They’re president of the tennis club, they run kids’ summer camps, they manage a successful career, they make a ton of money.

It’s the same for entrepreneurs who seem to have multiple businesses on the go at once. Stress seems to make them MORE productive – while others can barely manage to get their startup off the ground.

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How is it that workaholics thrive on being so busy while the rest of us struggle to just make it through each day?

We call these people ‘firestarters’. They have the incredible ability to form the right connections, learn what works and what doesn’t, and apply their knowledge to everything they do.

Their sharp thinking allows them to pick up on the tiniest details that can make the difference between success and failure.

The good news is that you can learn this way of thinking, too – if you have the drive, determination, and focus.
You’ve no doubt heard about the power of positive thinking. Successful entrepreneurs certainly have.

They look for patterns that work, and they zone in on strategies that have been proven to generate success. Then, they simply replicate that success.

Not surprisingly, this creates more positivity.

Firestarters know that when things go wrong, there’s always a solution. They have an unwavering belief that problems can be overcome – not just through luck, but through their own actions.

You can probably name some people in your life who seem to be optimistic about everything. They see the glass as half full. They look at life through rose-tinted spectacles. And, although it kills you sometimes, their positive outlook seems to bring them no end of success.

Well, there’s no denying it: this sun-shiny way of living works. When you believe positive things will happen, they happen.

When things go wrong, a firestarter won’t back down. Instead, they’ll see an opportunity to change and grow.

The most famous example of this is ​Thomas Edison. Edison knew all about trial and error, and he was a great believer in overcoming failure. He continued to push himself, despite making mistakes.

And, when asked how many times he’d failed in trying to create the light-bulb, he famously said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

As we know, he then went on to succeed.

What’s even more incredible is that Mr. Edison lived his entire life this way. As a kid, his teachers declared he was stupid and that he would never amount to anything – simply because he was always daydreaming in class.

Fortunately, he didn’t listen.

Much of positive thinking is to do with having an open mind. When you are willing to accept new ideas and perspectives, you’re more likely to encounter opportunities.

Psychologists believe that any skill can be strengthened by reward. It appears that firestarters develop a powerful sense of internal reward sensation, which allows them to overcome the mental strain of achieving the task in the first place.

This could be the difference between why firestarters relentlessly pursue success long after the rest of us have given up. Strain is something we humans find unpleasant, so we avoid it.

Firestarters, on the other hand, can overcome this unpleasantness by imagining and anticipating the potential positive outcomes that come from enduring the strain.

This technique not only reduces the overall strain, but provides them with a kind of boost: an adrenaline rush. They end up seeking out this rush time and time again because they know how to make it work to their advantage.

So, how can you engineer your own positive thinking to make your life more successful?
First of all, create your vision. Work up a mental picture of the positive outcome you’re aspiring for. Get a fire in your belly for success, and visualize yourself achieving what you want. This will help to throw off any temporary strain that may stand in your way.

Next, reward yourself for any actions you take in your mission. When you achieve something of significance, celebrate it! Develop a timeline of rewards alongside future opportunities you hope to encounter.

Each time you embrace an opportunity or break new ground, allow yourself to think about the strain you endured to get there. Then, consider the benefit that the strain produced.

Rewarding yourself is important for your future growth. You’ll not only boost your own positivity, you’ll create an inspiring aura that others will feel and admire. This can have an amazing ripple effect on the people you interact with each day.

Finally, make a habit of keeping your eyes open. Don’t limit yourself to one path, career or even one task. Embrace your other passions or areas of interest, and look for ways to ignite them.

The more passion you encourage in your life, the more optimistic you’ll feel. You’ll also begin to notice the similarities between some of your passions. This can provide insightful clues for where you can direct your life towards success.

Look for ways to meld your expertise and passion into something profitable and enjoyable. Reexamine avenues that you previously held back from, and forget your fears.

Focusing on the positive is a mindset that will change your life. We humans are constant observers of our own actions, and we can tweak or modify our perspectives more or less as we go along.

This is important because of the impact that our perceptions have on our actions, and vice versa.

For example, someone is more likely to end up flying planes if he or she identifies as a future pilot rather than an acrophobic. Someone else is more likely to end up saving lives in a hospital if he or she identifies as a future nurse, rather than as a hemophobic.

Bottom line?

Firestarters don’t let other people, events or any kind of circumstances hold them back. They know that they are the only scriptwriter in their life. They also know that they can rewrite their own script through their own steely determination – and the power of their positivity.

Firestarters are industrious. And, now that you know industriousness can be learned, you have no excuse for upping your own game.

Add a bit of positivity to your thoughts, actions and outlook, and you’ll grow in ways you never thought possible.

(and so will your chance of success!)